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International Agency for Economic Opportunity

IAEO believes everyone should have the ability to achieve financial stability and self-sufficiency

Working Toward Economic Fairness for Millions Across the World

As a global financial support agency, the International Agency for Economic Opportunity oversees both private and public economic policies including consumer protections, fair investment practices, and general financial services and functions as a watchdog to benefit the world's middle class and low income populations.

IAEO consolidates public resources and statistics, specifically from domestic and international lending markets, to expose future problems and spread opportunities that can strongly affect the masses. Closely watching consumer financial trends and decisions places attention on maintaining and improving the health of economic development, often through consumer protection. Our role safeguards and preserves economic opportunities so financial services can be made available to more people and future generations.

Maintaining the integrity of global markets is our top priority. IAEO believes the relationship between investors and consumers shapes the global lending industry. Investors must be able to contribute confidently, while borrowers should be provided fair credit services.

IAEO's Mission and Goals


Strengthening the relationship between borrowers and investors

Financial Policy

Inspecting and flagging financially relevant programs and policies

Consumer Credit

Committed to ensuring all consumers receive fair credit services

Financial Tools

Providing tools for people to build a strong financial future for themselves