Our Partners

A New Lending Mechanism Makes Financing Affordable For The Masses

On a global scale, IAEO filters through critical financial decisions, assesses their level of importance, and spreads the knowledge we gain to public outlets. Fluctuating interest rates on loans for the working class, the creation and expiration of consumer protection laws, and investment strategies in underdeveloped nations are a few of the issues researched by IAEO.

Our supporting partners provide their financial services to everyone, regardless of credit history. This may reduce their profits, but it is beneficial to a worldwide advancement of positive economic strategy. We consider them pioneers in the online lending community. Since more people have a cell phone than a toilet, online lenders noticed they could offer life saving credit services and programs to under served consumers and regions. Online loans provide efficient access to credit for many borrowers. Finding innovative ways to improve how investors lend and how consumers borrow is one of the ways that our partners work to broaden prosperity.

With dedicated contributors and businesses that share in IAEO's efforts, we are able to effectively investigate the ongoing decisions and initiatives being made daily by governments, corporations, and private sector businesses.

How Our Partners Make A Difference

Find Financing

Offering an online platform for investors and borrowers to communicate

Economic Opportunity

Developing inventive methods for supplemental funding opportunities

Loan Costs

Providing multi-use online loans at a reasonable cost

Financial Stability

Creating a world with a financially stable population